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Google Search - Easy Questions Don't Always Have Easy Answers


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Google's objective is to organise the world's information in an easy and accessible manner. This includes information about businesses and services in every neighbourhood. From restaurants to pharmacies, from ATMs to Gas stations, people can find all the information they need through Google (contact numbers, addresses, reviews, timings, etc).

But in Vietnam, people tended to only go to Google for difficult questions (who is the president of Guatemala or how far is the moon) and they perceive the brand as a professor, and not as a platform for every day answers.

The opportunity lay in educating users on just how effective Google Search can be when looking for the everyday answers you need. The campaign's objective was to change people's search behavior and to educate people about how helpful Google can be for daily every day searches.


Everyday questions are not easy. In the emerging digital landscape, new businesses and services crop up all the time. So we decided to flip the perception of Google being a source of only difficult questions by showing people that everyday questions aren't easy too, and the best place to get all the answers you need is Google.

We decided to identify the thousands of daily contexts people would need answers for based on the time of day, their location, as well as individual needs, and created a campaign to give people answers even before they had questions.

We geo-fenced the country down to the district level and pulled live location data from our audience, which we used to give people personalised ad experiences at scale, to deliver an experience as close to the app itself. Every ad was an answer to a relevant and timely moment a viewer was in.


In a population of about 96 million, 64 million Vietnamese are online, an Internet penetration rate of 67%. Our audience was largely young and digital savvy, 25-40 yr olds - mostly made up of mainstream hyper-social urban and suburban Southerners, who connect to the internet daily and conduct online searches up to 2-3 days a week.

There were 2 key audiences that we wanted to tap into:

- Those who expressed frustration with the amount of filtering and validation required to get through the vast amount of information found during Search.

- Those with a lack of awareness of the new features available to them including One Box, Expand Blue Button, Directions, Click to call, Photos, Ratings and Reviews, mostly seen amongst new users and casual users.


Google Search answers give users personalised information based factors such as time of day and their current location, which is pulled from consumers mobile devices. We used the same technology to develop over 21,000 localised creatives against that would be relevant to each individual viewer no matter where in Vietnam they were, at all hours of the day.

We created:

Sequential Ads - 30s, 15s, and 6s video sets that highlighted how users can find all the answers they need with Google throughout the day.

Programmatic display ads - thousands of contextual iterations based on user’s location data, the time of day, major events, as well as their interests and passions.

Occasion Targeting Bumpers - matched to major calendar events/dates during the campaign timeline - Christmas, Teacher’s Day, New Year’s Eve, etc.

Contextual Targeting Bumpers - matched to everyday moments, like supermarket closing hours, bank opening hours, lunch time discounts


The campaign performed and achieved targets as it tapped into highly relevant micro moments of daily users winning Google Search daily users and successfully changing its perception to a place for ‘everyday’ associations.

The campaign’s overall result saw a significant increase in the overall mobile Daily Active Users in Vietnam by 7%.

With over 21,000 unique interaction of ads, the campaign became one of the largest geo-tagged dynamic integrated campaigns in Vietnam. Based on the viewer’s location, our creatives used 1st party data from nearby businesses like address, reviews and timings directly in real time across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and banners.

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