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BPN ISTANBUL, Istanbul / TURKCELL / 2018

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Turkish and Syrian refugees are sharing the same country and have to live their daily lives somehow integrated. It is hard to understand and empathize an human being far from his own country and trying to survive in another with a totally different language. We needed to create empathy among the public towards Syrians and the difficulties they and their families face. We aimed to create a wow- effect during the most-watched local news braodcasts and disrupt the daily routine for a discrete attention.


We chose most influencial local media in Gaziantep: GRT TV, Zeugma FM and Güne? newspaper. We changed the broadcast language into Arabic for an instant shaking effect and raising attention towards our issue.

During the Evening TV News broadcast, the host instantly started speaking in Arabic,

presenting a news about the success story of two Syrian women who attended the courses held by the Municipality of Gaziantep & U.N. Development Programme. These women were listed among the top 5 successful women nationwide. Then we reverted to Turkish language; addressed the issue and invited public to download/use the Hello Hope app to assist both Turkish and Syrian people in their mutual communication.

On the same day, the audiences in traffic listened to our news in Arabic and received the message afterwards.

The next day, the main newspaper gave our news in Arabic on its cover


Results vs. pre-project period:

Daily Download trend: x 4 times

Active usage: x 1.5 times

App popularity score: x 2 times

The app reached 850K downloads

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