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We developed special packages in line with their typical behaviors on SNS. By posting photos, movies with the package, we reward them with replies from anime idols.


To satisfy their craving for recognition we made special packaging printed unique messages such as “FUNNY”, “STUPID”, and “SLEEPY” instead of “SNICKERS” to help describe their mood in a number of ways to make themselves even more memorable on Twitter. Then we created a programme in which 184 of the popular anime idols would reply to their posts to satisfy their need for recognition. By using the programme, young Japanese guys can receive replies from their favorite virtual anime idols, which can be the most effective way to fulfill their need for recognition. By sharing the replies, they received from anime idols, they could show off the fact they were recognized by their favorite ones. Thus, their “Kamacho” needs were fulfilled at an accelerated pace.


It generated 16,000 CGM on Twitter and gained 9141% rise in social traffic. Those who acknowledged the campaign to have better brand image scores than non-acknowledged in terms of favorability 74.6% (+30.4), humor 68.7%(+41.2), and relevancy 53.7% (+32.7). The scores of those acknowledge the campaign largely surpassed the rate of non-acknowledgement in terms of the following images. It also achieved earned publicity that outweighs the actual media spend(64K USD). 443 online media picked up our campaign and generated ad value of 1.6 million USD (=x25 of the actual media spend). Sales in Spring 2017 to reverse decline into positive growth +4%(Upswing 28% from the previous year).

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