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Re-emerging from the last few years, the world has seen infinite changes, many hours alone and indoors. Somehow, we’ve all managed to adapt our lives in ways that work for each of us. Whether it’s a newly trained ability to watch every video at 1.5x speed, healthy addiction to K-Dramas or remembering that hazily familiar anticipation of meeting up with long lost friends. With that being said, the same Ramadan experiences are going to look and feel very different for every person. Google can inspire and validate a whole new Ramadan experience that answers real needs instead of outdated conventions. We can do this by bridging generations and by being super local: Ramadan, your way.


According to Google Trends, Nasida Ria (Indonesia’s ‘Mariah Carey-level stars”) a Ramadan icon, and their songs sit on top 10 trending searches during Ramadan in Indonesia. Understanding the GenZs love for nostalgia, we collaborated with the legendary band Nasida Ria to highlight quirky, bizarre, insightful queries GenZs wanted to ask during this year’s Ramadan. Gen Zs may feel intimidated or embarrassed to ask these questions, but together with Nasida Ria, we unleashed them to ask these questions with Google Search.


Social listening signified the unique user insights and brand opportunities. Indonesian Gen Zs used Google Search to find answers to questions that were too embarrassing to ask others during Ramadan. 2023 was the year where Indonesian Gen Zs recalibrated what Ramadan tradition meant for them in a post-pandemic world. With Indonesian Gen Zs increasingly spending time on TikTok and other social media platform during the Ramadan season, we focused on dominating conversations on social media about Ramadan and encouraging participation by inspiring them to define their own version of Ramadan with Google Search.


We collaborated with Nasida Ria to create a music video highlighting how Google Search can help people find answers and affirmations to their various questions and hopes as they return to Ramadan through #IniRamadanku Throughout the video, various search queries inspired by how people personalize their Ramadan will show that no matter how you celebrate Ramadan, Google celebrates it with you. We're extending this campaign to our social channels, where we'll answer even the most unique and unexpected questions. We've even created a karaoke version for them to personalize.


- 4,1 Millions+ Organic Views

- 90 k+ Organic Shares

- 100 k+ Organic Conversations

- 1.3 Millions Total Engagements (95% positive sentiments)

- +4.6% points lift in Brand Preference

- +1.8% points lift in Brand Relevance

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