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James Harden VR

TOOL, Los Angeles / ADIDAS / 2017

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Case Film
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This 4D 360-VR experience was created to help Adidas launch NBA player James Harden’s new signature shoe. The experience allowed users to go one-on-one with Harden, among other immersive on-the-court activities, and ultimately promoted Adidas’ new shoe by virtually placing the user ‘within the shoe.'


This acted as an exclusive installation that marketed the shoe solely through word-of-mouth. Users put on a Samsung Gear 360-VR headset, which placed them ‘in the shoe’ through an interactive film created for the headset. We equipped four pillars with their own respective VR headsets, as well as a vibration mechanism and two fans. This haptic feedback let users feel the bounce of the ball and the wind when Harden whips past them in the film.


Thousands of attendees participated in the revolutionary VR campaign. The result was a word-of-mouth publicity like no other—a hype campaign that resonated with audiences and went above and beyond for Adidas’ signature shoe.

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