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Love This? Live There.

TBWA\CHIAT\DAY , Los Angeles / AIRBNB / 2016


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The ambition was to disrupt the travel promotion category––encouraging users to travel based on their passions rather than just prices and available inventory.

One particular piece of data inspired our focus on passions: In 2014, 45M international tourists chose a travel destination because they saw a movie or TV show that was filmed there (Source: Tourism in Competitive Intelligence 2015).

Out of that insight, the “Love This? Live There” campaign was created, inviting people around the world to literally live what they love by matching passions to Airbnb listings.


We focused our efforts on a series of our target’s key passions based on our data collection. The themes were entertainment, movies, documentaries, sport & outdoors, music and shopping.

We began with a high-impact partnership with Disney’s The Jungle Book, creating a film with a matching jungle treehouse Airbnb listing for fans to really live in the movie. Then with Bear Grylls, we showcased a dramatic private island for adventure seekers looking to book vacations in Q1.

Then, leveraging social data and insights we found the most popular seasonal passions, landing on skiing, surfing, and beach vacations. We created unique films for each, targeting travel intenders with curated listings to live their passions with Airbnb.


Grabbing people based on the right passions in the right contexts led to the campaign beating its targets by a significant margin––particularly in the competitive Q1 travel promotion landscape:

5.6M site visits

2.5M click-throughs across 3 continents (67% above target)

194K new traveler sign-ups (17% above target)

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