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MacBook Air Brand Identity

APPLE, Cupertino / APPLE / 2023

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Most people assume if a laptop is thin and light, it must be underpowered.

The all-new MacBook Air is anything but. It has a strikingly thin body, and comes in four gorgeous finishes. But most of all, it delivers category-defying speed and power thanks to a marvel of engineering in Apple’s M2 chip. Not only was this launch a significant evolution for MacBook Air—the world’s most popular laptop—it also launched the next generation of Apple silicon technology with M2. So, we needed a brand identity to tell this story.



The all-new MacBook Air has a strikingly thin design. Redesigned and built around Apple’s M2 chip, it delivers exceptional speed and power efficiency. Supercharge the MacBook Air's iconic thinness with the arrival of the M2 chip.

Thinness × Power.
Supercharge the MacBook Air's iconic thinness with the speed and power of the M2 chip.


Something this thin, shouldn’t be that fast.

We set out to bust the myth that thin is underpowered. Conveying the idea that the MacBook Air you thought you knew is now blazing fast. So, the team created a new brand identity around the exciting alliance between thinness and speed. Still thin. Still light. But now a new, more aerodynamic Air.


Design execution:

The new MacBook Air design execution was developed to convey our story with simplicity and elegance. Based around the chevron, an iconic product lock-up that highlighted the razor-thin form factor, we showcased the four new finishes, and eluded to the dynamic speed of the M2 chip with an intrepid composition. 

This powerful central motif was then carried through into the product wallpapers, created by simulating a powerful razor-thin force passing through metal. This treatment even found its way into typography of the logo.


Using these elements, we were able to create a cohesive campaign that travelled across product packaging, in-store signage, digital signage,, Channel placements, and even into the physical launch event at the hands-on area at WWDC22, or annual worldwide developers conference.


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