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Our solution was to explore the dawn of South America’s largest metropolis, in search of the most unusual characters hidden in São Paulo’s late hours – people that have created different and unexpected ways of interacting with the city, and developed artistic interventions that use the streets of São Paulo as an open-air gallery. Dance. Music. Projections. Parties. Crochet. The sky was the limit.

Using them as characters and messengers, the idea was to generate a series of contents and activations for the brand. Our feeling was that, by being the one responsible for unveiling these artists’ work to a wider public, Desperados would be seen as a disruptive and artistic brand as well, and would conquer the respect of their target audience.


It all started with the research work, which brought us the most amazing characters. To tell their stories, we were up all night for several days, filming our presenter’s encounters with the artists. The result was an 8-episode web series, that unveiled the artistic interventions that take place between midnight and sunrise. In each episode, a unique character and an original way to interact with the city.

To launch the web series, the artistic interventions were transposed into an art/music occupation, in one of Sao Paulo’s most iconic galleries: Galeria Ouro Fino. There, the party started for real, as we promoted a series of 8 parties inspired the artists’ works.


The web series, launched on Youtube, had over 16 million views, and impacted over 35 million people. 137 million people were potentially impacted by the press. Over 2.000 people visited the gallery.

Our narrative, which started chasing a group of unknown artists at São Paulo’s streets, ended up on TV, as Fox Channel broadcasted the 8 episodes as part of its programming schedule.

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