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We spoke to a wide range of people and learned that 89% view water as an important step to moderation. Yet it is not always easily available or they simply forget when out on the town. And on top, drinking water is often not seen as being cool. The concept developed to enjoy Heineken responsible tap into the reasoning not to drink water. Through the 'THIS ONE IS US' tap we provide water to our consumers in a fun and engaging way. Consumers can pour their own water at point of consumption. The specially designed 'THIS ONE IS US' water cups can be filled by the consumer or the barman. Heineken offers the water for free in combination with, literally on top of, the Heineken can, bottle glas. Practical in carrying a round of beer. So no way around it, drink the water first before you drink your beer!


Providing water is challenging as not all bars and events have clean water available. The tap solutions are translated to country specific solutions. From water towers for on tables, filtering systems behind bars to provide clean waters and beer kegs filled with water.

The simple cups are low cost items with a singular white print. The are made to be stackable for minimal place in a bar and can easily be cleaned and re-used.


In March 2016 we travelled to Athens and launched our concepts to see how they performed in real life. They tapped their own water using our ‘THIS ONE IS ON US’ water tap, and they sipped water using our specially designed cups that fit perfectly over Heineken bottles, cans & glasses. The concepts are designed to make water top of mind without the search or hassle.

When asked at the end of the evening whether these concepts would stimulate moderate drinking, 80% answered yes.

When asked if they would drink the water when served this way 92% responded definitely would take it.

92% responded that knowing about the Enjoy Heineken Responsibly program considerably improved their opinion of the Heineken and the serious effort to really support moderate drinking.

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