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MY LIFE AS AN NPC is a social campaign in which dozens of Non-Playable Characters from Assassin’s Creed took over Ubisoft’s Instagram and Facebook to tell us what their life in the game looks like in a funny, quirky and offbeat way. Through their stories, gamers can realize what a shepherd feel when a player mows down his herd of goats, learn more about a spartan who can’t never take his helmet off, or listen to an angry potter who can’t bear the hero’s behaviour anymore. For once, we focused on the extras of the game, the virtual people that no one really cares about, had their say for the first time.


Through a virtual casting all over the Ancient Greece, we select dozens of NPCs from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. A courtesan, a spartan, a potter, a shepherd, and dozens of NPCs have been bringing to life thanks to a new mocap animation technology. We shape their personalities, their attitudes and their expressions to make these characters larger than life. Then we give them a voice on social media. For one week, they took over Ubisoft’s Facebook and Instagram accounts to tell their lives throughout stories. For the first time, we focused on the NPCs, the virtual people no one really cares about. With these guys, we were able to show the diversity and depth of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey environment and virtual world. MY LIFE AS A NPC become an international snackable campaign, launched in 20 countries. Each country adapted our videos and kept posting 3 stories every day for a week.

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