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SHACKLETON, Madrid / SONY / 2018

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We prepared for the humongous stars of Jumanji to arrive in Madrid by creating PoopBags XXXL.

The type of bags that are used to collect dog poo in the park, but this time sized for such cute little pets as elephants, gorillas, hippos and crocodiles.

Our PoopBags XXXL were placed in dog poop bag vending machines across the city and we used hidden cameras to film people’s reactions.

We also sent them to influencers and journalists.

We wanted to reach people who liked animals and who would spread the word. And we wanted to do it in places that were both busy and quintessentially natural (parks).

We decided to use a medium hitherto unheard of: dog poop bags and their dispensers.

And this was how we announced the arrival of the ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle' movie premiere.


We made dog poop bags that were size XXXL, fit for animals such as rhinos, hippos, crocodiles and elephants. The bags had an identical design to the official ones provided by the Madrid City Council. Together with imprinted silhouettes of our animals, a text asked the user to keep the city clean ahead of the imminent arrival of the Jumanji movie characters.

We placed these bags in dispensers strategically located in several city parks, and we filmed some of our audience's reactions using hidden cameras.

Everyone who took a giant bag immediately searched for an explanation by reading the text and thus learning about our movie premiere.

This action was carried out in Madrid a week before the Jumanji premiere. It was targeted at animal-loving people of all ages.

To maximize impact and awareness for 'Jumanji. Welcome to the Jungle' these Poopbags XXXL were also sent to several opinion leaders.


Media coverage was ferocious, with appearances in over 30 publications and hundreds of mentions.

All for a wildly successful premiere

• Audience of over 1.5 million

• In the top three Christmas releases

• Nine million euros at the box office

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