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GEOMETRY GLOBAL, Hong kong / UBER / 2019

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Uber Eats was the latest food delivery app to launch in Hong Kong and badly needed a point of difference. Compounding the problem was the fact that Uber, the ride-sharing service of the same name, was made illegal in Hong Kong, complicating Uber Eats' reputation from the outset. Our objectives, therefore, were to enhance Uber Eats’ reputation, differentiate it from its many competitors, and ultimately make it the most loved food delivery app amongst hardworking Hong Kongers.


We opened a virtual restaurant, “Popo’s Kitchen”, where Hong Kong Grandmothers prepared their signature dishes and we made them available only on Uber Eats.

The restaurant’s Popo’s Kitchen menu became a sanctuary for traditional family recipes with every dish telling a story. We also created short videos showing people how to make the dishes at home, further ensuring each recipes’ survival.

By fulfilling Hong Kongers’ craving for traditional home-cooked foods and showing real appreciation for local food culture, Uber Eats proved they truly understood their audience, repairing their reputation and establishing them as the most loved food delivery app.


Our strategy was to position Uber Eats as the solution to a local problem. And in the process to address the negative perceptions of the parent brand.

The local problem was this: home-cooked Cantonese cuisine was dying out.

While food delivery services like Deliveroo, Foodpanda and Uber Eats have brought unprecedented convenience and choice to people’s lives, they have done so at a cost. By increasing the availability of Western-style fast foods, they have led to a decline in the cooking and eating of traditional Cantonese dishes.

We saw this as an opportunity. A way to anchor Uber Eats’ offer in the culture and concerns of local people and win their hearts (and stomachs).


As a virtual restaurant, Popo’s Kitchen was only reachable through the Uber Eats app or website. There, customers could order the Popos’ dishes and learn the stories behind each one.

To raise awareness of Popo’s Kitchen and drive people to place an order, we implemented a comprehensive social media campaign. On Uber Eats’ Facebook, we launched several teasers for Popo’s Kitchen on the lead up to its launch. One by one, the teasers introduced the Popos, highlighting their endearing personalities and their delicious dishes. For the launch, we posted a full campaign video which ended with a discount code to encourage first-time orders.

We also shared How-To videos and we even invited Hong Kongers to submit their own family recipes to be added to the restaurant’s menu. All this was accompanied by a sophisticated PR campaign which was amplified by popular, local news outlets and blogs.


Popo’s Kitchen changed Uber Eats in Hong Kong, from business model to logistics, while preserving local food culture and increasing brand affinity.

27 popos employed

15,682 recipes shared

58 forgotten recipes introduced

1.5 million earned media

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