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There are over 100 million music fans on Spotify, but it takes a special fan to be a superfan. Last holiday season, we decided they deserved a little something extra. We identified the top streamers of some of the top artists on Spotify, and partnered with the artists to create exclusive holiday-themed gifts. There were Sianta Hat for Sia Fans, Trapping Paper for trap music fans, Kornaments for Korn fans, and more. A few hundred of these weird and wonderful items were created and then shipped to the biggest fans.


Four videos were created in total, two of which starred artists - Fetty Wap and the Joe Jonas’ fronted DNCE. The two other videos featured elves crafting Sianta Hats, and demonically inspired “Kornaments” terrifying other inhabitants of a Christmas tree. Each video was made to appeal to the core, but still very large, fanbase of the artist themselves.

The videos were initially posted by the artist on Facebook and Twitter, and then whitelisted so Spotify could ensure they reached an even larger audience through paid amplification.


The four videos were viewed over 10 million times on social channels, and the campaign generated nearly 200 million earned media impressions – featured everywhere from Entertainment Tonight to Pitchfork.

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