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JWT ARGENTINA, Buenos Aires / FORD / 2010

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Throughout the history of the brand, Ford achieved becoming an icon of the argentine countryside. The affection people have for the brand is a feeling passed and prolonged from generation to generation. For the launch of the New Ford Ranger the agency proposed feeding this relationship more than focusing in the functionality of the new model. With this goal, the agency decided to explore its customs. That´s how it discovered the existence of a very rooted oral tradition in their lives: myths, legends and stories of magic and fantasy that are passed from generation to generation. Inspired in this, the agency created: Folk Tales. The first piece of the campaign based on a fantasy story was issued in the TV spot format. The campaign was continued with a rural theatre tour to bring the stories back to the same places where they were born: the country.


The contents of the theatre play were also born in the country; a website was created for this purpose where the people were invited to share them. From over 1000 stories received, 3 were chosen to be adapted into theatre scripts. The selection of the locations to stage the play wasn't at random either, the people had to propose and vote for their towns. In Argentina, over half the population is settled in Buenos Aires, which results in a lack of offers of cultural activities in rural towns. With the tour, the agency was able to bring the town theatres back to life with an activity they didn´t have for decades. Folk Tales transformed the theatre - a medium of artistic expression- into a new communication media, triggering a reaction that even the best TV spot had never been able to achieve: people thanking the brand for an advertising action.


The success of the campaign is based in four fundamental aspects. The first is related to the business of the client where the Ranger generated a 10 point market share increase with respect to its position before the launch. The second, also related to the business, is the increase of the Sales Metrics where Purchase Consideration grew 75% and Product Interest 105%. The third aspect reflects the impact of the campaign on the client in the growth of the brand values, like Reliable (+30%), Ideal Countryside Working Tool (+16%), Great Power (+22%). The fourth and last measurable aspect is the increase of visitors to the site of the campaign (+770%).

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