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PISA/HAVAS, Panama / HEINEKEN / 2015


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Cerveza PANAMÁ was sponsor of National Football Soccer Team and sponsor of the hope from all the Panamanians that dreamt of playing their first World Cup.

Being out of the world cup playoffs, we decided to retake the bet and make a new sponsorship that allow us to be players during the World Cup.

From this point on, we decided to sponsor the only Panamanian that would be in Brazil 2014, the referee Roberto Moreno.

Throughout an integrated campaign of ATL, BTL, Promo and Digital Media, we obtained the support of all Panamanians making Roberto Moreno the referee with more fans in the world.


• In 30 days, Roberto Moreno became the referee with more followers in Twitter on a worldwide level (5442 followers).

• His fan page occupied the first place in higher growth accounts in the “Athletes” category overtopping Leo Messi (Site: LikeAlizer)

• It generated more engagement than world renowned players like Argentinian Ezequiel Lavezzi and Brazilian David Luiz (Site: Fan Page Karma)

• For the first time in history, we saw fans supporting a referee in a World Cup.

• Cerveza PANAMA was the most popular Panamanian brand during Brazil 2014 World Cup.

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