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MARCEL SYDNEY, Walsh Bay / TINDER / 2018

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There are around 5 billion emoji sent every day, of just about everything you can imagine. But despite this, there was one missing. One a growing amount of Tinder users could identify with; the interracial couple emoji. If an interracial couple wanted to represent their love online, their only option was a yellow couple - considered by most to mean ‘white’.

With a limited budget, the world’s most popular app for meeting new people needed a cost-effective way to foster a global movement. We needed to give users something so unique they would feel compelled to engage with our cause.


As our campaign adopts a style at the heart of culture, the couple emoji we designed needed to be indistinguishable from the real thing. But unlike standard emoji, our designs were all about the details.

We created a master file with two body shapes which could be adorned with over 80 individual vector assets, from skin colours, eye shapes, hair, accessories and clothing accommodating all climates, each of which could be changed to any colour. And, of course, our designers would add bespoke touches from rips in the jeans to streaks of blonde hair. Billions of combinations. We knew the craft in each emoji we responded with would dictate the level of engagement we got back.

We had teams of designers in Los Angeles, Berlin and Sydney working around the clock replying to couples in real-time. The result? Truly custom emoji to represent all love, worldwide.

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