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MINDSHARE, Taguig / REXONA / 2023

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Rexona holds the Philippine market leadership in the deodorants category, encouraging Filipinos throughout the years to move with confidence— thanks to Rexona’s product benefit of sweat and odor protection. The primary objective has always been focused on converting non-deo users to use Rexona by rampantly communicating “Ligo lang? Kulang!” (Shower only? Not enough!) in the brand messaging strategy to establish that usage is a must to maintain long-lasting underarm freshness.

However, deodorant usage declined during the pandemic. People were confined in their homes and didn’t need to stay fresh. Fortunately, the people are now back outdoors, hence the return of deo usage, allowing Rexona to recover from its losses. But despite the brand’s total recovery, teens remain to be under-indexed.

Coming from this, Rexona’s challenge is to penetrate the teens' segment and make Rexona the deodorant of choice for teens who are first-time deo users.

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