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#RightToLove Campaign

TINDER, Los Angeles / TINDER / 2020

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New York City was set to host the 50th anniversary of World Pride, an event that Tinder wanted to participate in (like years prior) to champion inclusivity.


• Stand for something. Advocate for a cause that will have a real impact on people’s lives.

• Celebrate World Pride 2019 with a powerful message that Tinder is here to advocate for equality everywhere.


Tinder Pride Slide

Tinder invited the community to ride a rainbow for a good cause and then slide into their senators’ DMs in support of the Equality Act. Why? Because everyone has the #RightToLove who they want to love – without being discriminated against based on their sexual orientation.


Audience: all genders, all sexual orientations, 18+ years old (voting age), focus on Americans

Approach: While 2019 marked the 50th anniversary of World Pride, in the United States it is still legal to discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation. Tinder wanted to raise awareness and rally support for the Equality Act – proposed federal legislation that would put an end to discriminatory practices against the LGBTQ+ community in 30 U.S. states — something that both Tinder and its community members care about.

Tinder partnered with the Human Rights Campaign, a non-profit organization that was fundraising for the cause and educating the public on the proposed legislation – and how to help get it passed in the Senate (it was already passed in the House of Representatives.)


On June 24, Tinder erected a giant rainbow slide in Flatiron Plaza, New York City. The slide was 30-feet tall — a foot for each of the 30-states that currently do not have LGBTQ+ anti-discrimination laws in place.

For every ride down the “Pride Slide” Tinder donated $10 to the Human Rights Campaign in support of the Equality Act. Guests were also encouraged to take action and “slide into their Senators DMs” to voice their support for the federal legislation that would prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Tinder also ran a month-long in-app PSA that urged their millions of members throughout the United States to email their state senators using the Human Right Campaign's online toolkit, bringing the experiential campaign and messaging full circle.


In only one day’s time, Tinder had nearly 1,500 riders, donated more than $20k to the Human Rights Campaign, and generated 30 million earned media impressions to raise awareness for the cause. Over the course of the campaign, the in-app PSA received more than 1 million right swipes, driving 1.1 million Tinder members to the Human Rights Campaign website and resulted in more than 5,500 emails to U.S. senators in support of the Equality Act.

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