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In India there are hardly any consumer durable service centres outside the cities. Non-urban customers are, therefore, forced to visit faraway cities for every problem. Samsung decided to alleviate this inconvenience by launching fully equipped mobile service vans to provide doorstep service to even the farthest customer.

The campaign was meant to inform Samsung customers of this initiative and encourage them to call the new service helpline number to avail this convenience.

Furthermore, we wanted to connect with our customers emotionally and set ourselves apart from the apathetic competition.


We'll take care of you, wherever you are.

The campaign tells the story of a Samsung engineer who travels great distances in his Samsung Service Van to help Samsung customers in remote parts of India.

In the film we see Amit, a Samsung engineer, promise a young customer that he will make it to her home by 7pm to fix her TV. He spends the day covering miles of mountainous terrain, crossing rivers, clearing roadblocks, even shooing away sheep to keep his promise.

Only to discover a dramatic fact about her. And why she wanted the TV to be fixed before 7 PM.

Amit's troubles were well worth it because Samsung believes that great distances must be travelled for the sake of relationships sometimes.


The campaign started with press ads and articles lucidly announcing the launch of this first-of-its-kind service. Vernacular publications were given as much importance as the English press. The idea was to penetrate as deep into India as these vans can go.

This was followed by the launch of the film on December 30, 2016. Major TV channels aired the film during the long holiday weekend maximising the impact.

The online video was also uploaded simultaneously on YouTube. Since it was a holiday weekend we correctly concluded that music, Bollywood, entertainment and dance would be hot topics for search on YouTube. 8 such clusters were identified to target the film to. These were further scaled down to 4 to go deeper into our target audience. Continuous honing of our strategy and the quality of our creative ensured that every cent we spent went twice as far as the average.

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