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The idea starts from a local custom: Italians have always turned to Santini (holy cards on the car dashboard) to feel safe behind the wheel.

But today, it seems like there’s no Saint able to save them from the temptation of reading a text message. As a consequence texting while driving has become the first cause of car accidents.

We’ve created a new Santino, who protects Italian drivers for real: Santino Safety System, the first holy card that, thanks to NFC technology, can dialogue with the driver’s smartphone, blocking incoming notifications and answering in his or her place to chats and text messages.


We created a video to describe our hi-tech holy-card, in a funny way, leveraging on the TOV of Christianity and religious saviours.

We launched and seeded the Video, starting from the Groupama Facebook page.

At the same time, we've printed and programmed the first 10.000 NFC holy cards and the APP. In just 4 days we ran out of the cards, and had to start a second round of printing to reply to the heavy demand for our new technology.


The success of the campaign was faster and bigger than everyone expected. In just 15 days, more than 40.000 Santino Safety System holy cards were requested on the Groupama website, and the Santino Safety System App went among the first 10 apps on google play store.

The video reached 10 millions views and got shared more than 30.000 times on Facebook.

All the comments and reactions were enthusiastic and all major italian magazines and newspapers covered the initiative as a major step in traffic security and as the beginning of a behavioural shift amongst young people - which only in Italy with a concrete Italian twist would have been possible. Media value of the corresponding press coverage until now is around EUR 2 million, with an investment of not even 50.000 to produce the cards and the video, and other 60.000 euros spent on media.

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