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14 AGENCY, Barcelona / SEAT / 2024

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Before September 2023, the SEAT brand was experiencing a good moment in all respects. It was growing in sales, and its indicators such as 'brand likeability,' 'brand trust,' and overall brand image were healthy. CUPRA, the spin-off brand that SEAT launched in 2018, was experiencing explosive growth, which is why the announcement by the president of the Volkswagen Group that the future of SEAT would be CUPRA was immediately echoed by the media. We needed to tell those same journalists that the SEAT brand was not going to disappear. But we had to make them feel it, as explanations and clarifications had not been very effective.

The main objective of this piece was to sensitize the journalists and to make them feel empathy with the brand, giving them credibility about the future of SEAT.


Picture a brand new, red SEAT Ibiza in a car cemetery, looking almost sad under the grey sky. We hear Sex Pistols version of “My Way” as the car awaits its final destination; the hydraulic press. It gets picked up by a brutal hook, smashing its windows. As it’s dropped into the press, the walls come crushing down, finally leaving an unrecognisable metal box behind. Is this the end? No! The title appears: WE ARE NOT FINISHED. And the footage rewinds as if we are waking up from an awful nightmare. We reach to the point before the hook where the Ibiza is intact and stunning. As it leaps forward and hits the road, the music picks up with an uplifting twist. It cruises down the road in a dynamic, almost joyful manner. As if to say; I’m not going away, I’m only moving forward!


The impact was immediate. 95% of all press coverage prioritized the message that the SEAT brand would not disappear. Some of the most notable headlines:

• “No, SEAT is far from dead” (

• “The SEAT brand is more alive than ever” (

• “‘You will see SEAT bouncing back’” (Car UK)

75% of all conversations about SEAT were positive, an increase of 26 points compared to the conversation in September 2023. In the classification of conversations, the highest percentage (28%) expressed confidence, joy (28%) and "love" (19%). (InfegyAtlas)

The objective of this campaign was met because we changed the negative conversation about SEAT and made it clear to the most influential audiences that the brand is more alive than ever. Through the credibility of the press, consumers received the reassuring message that the brand was not going to disappear.

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