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OMD MELBOURNE, Melbourne / RACV / 2018

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Broadly speaking, the overall objective for RACV was to drive consideration with Millennials in Victoria for Single Item Insurance.

The RACV member database skews to an older demographic (50+) and with increasing trends in home and vehicle ownership and use, the existing product suite was losing relevance with a younger and ownership free demographic.

Single Item Insurance was been introduced into the Home category of products to appeal to the significant amount of non-home owners that don’t see value in broader insurance offerings – such as contents. By Driving Single Item Insurance sign ups, RACV can begin a relationship with a member before they move into a life-stage of multiple high value items.


From March to July 2017 we facilitated three roving masterclasses on site at three relevant universities.

Pre-Event, we ran native content across Pedestrian featuring the talent, EDMs, and display to solicit for masterclass signups. This was supported with on-ground university panels, and RRR community radio live reads.

At Event, we enjoyed a 61% overdelivery on forecast attendance, live streaming across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Post Event, we redistributed the masterclass video content across the Pedestrian website and social channels, along with talent driven social drivers and wrap up native articles.

As a secondary layer, we also ran a competition to win a 1 on 1 Mentoring session with the Masterclass Talent of your choice through Pedestrian assets.

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