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The 'Smart' Smart Drinking Campaign

MOSAIC, Toronto / ABINBEV / 2020

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Running during Super Bowl 2020, "Whassup Again" paid homage to the all-time classic Budweiser campaign on its 20th anniversary. It takes place in a dimly lit apartment where smart devices spring to life behind closed doors. The spot begins with a casual conversation between two traditional smart devices, mimicking the same conversation and framing of the original spot, before it escalates into a series of boisterous ‘whassups’. Soon, the smart devices are joined by less expected devices—a thermostat, stove, vacuum, toothbrush and even toilet reprise the role of ‘friends’ from the original spot. Suddenly, the front door opens and the devices immediately fall silent. A man enters the apartment to grab a case of Budweiser he left behind, looking around suspiciously before he's distracted by a notification telling him his Uber has arrived.The spot concludes with the Uber promo code “WHASSUP” to give viewers a smart way home.

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