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INNOCEAN USA, Huntington Beach / KIA MOTORS / 2018

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When it comes to performance cars, automotive journalists don’t consider Kia. With the launch of the Stinger GT in 2017, Kia saw this as their opportunity to prove to car journalists that the Stinger was a true Gran Turismo.

We did this by creating an unforgettable “text” drive. An interactive book that mimics the performance of a true GT. From their first glimpse, to the scent of burnt rubber. To drifting corners and marking their territories. To that new-car smell, transporting them to the track and giving the reader the ultimate rush. Our goal was to get the viewer’s adrenaline pumping, creating the desire to take the Stinger out for a spin.

We identified the top 75 automotive journalists on the continent and sent them our Stinger book; our goal being to influence the press reviews and commentary, and receive every award possible.


The adrenaline molecule is used as the key visual design element throughout this interactive book.

All processes imaginable – 4 color process + PMS + Spot UV High Gloss Varnish + Spot Dull Varnish + Raised Pattern Varnish. An 80# Pac Pacesetter Silk Cover with Black Classic Crest Linen Fly Sheets were used. The book included a microfiber repositionable material, special spot pattern fragrant encapsulated scratch-n-smell varnish, a fold-out panel with carbon-release folds and a fragrant varnish on pulp-board.

The custom metal-cover box was made from a metal panel powder-coated in PMS. We used match and silk-screen graphics and a fitted EVA foam tray.

The book was so well received, an additional 2,000 books were given as gifts to owners, dealers and VIPs.

From blank pieces of paper and sheets of raw metal, this beautiful piece created a unique experience that went beyond just reading about the car.


By creating just 75 books, we gave the Stinger over 1,125 minutes of additional interaction between the selected journalists and the car, which led to over 18 automotive awards and an increase of 32% in positive sentiment for the brand. But most important we change the way these journalist thought about KIA:

Automobile Magazine – “The book came out far on top of Honda and Toyota’s efforts.”

USA Today – “Kia proved me wrong.”

Forbes – “Phenomenal Kia Stinger sends shivers down auto industry’s spine.”

MOTORTREND – “Maserati? Nope, it’s a Kia!”

Thanks to these efforts, over 5,208 Stingers have been sold, which is a significant number for a performance car that comes from a “non-performance” brand. The book was so well-received that there are 2,000 more books in production for select clients and dealers.

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