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There's More to iPhone

TBWA\MEDIA ARTS LAB, Los Angeles / APPLE / 2019

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There’s More To iPhone is a series of 16 short animated films, revolving around clear language, black and white art direction, simple visual metaphors, and individually composed soundtracks. The films were designed to deliver little known, but important facts about iPhone and so needed art and sound design that was engaging, but not overpowering or distracting. The audio design mostly focuses on two or three primary sounds for each film, underscored with electronic punctuation and segues to support the visual transitions. Drawing inspiration from electronic pioneers like Raymond Scott, and notification sounds from early Mac computers, sounds were captured from things like kicking leaves, mouth noises, or tapping a handrail before being processed to create the sparse but charming tracks. In each of the 16 films a unique audio sprite pairs with a playful customised Apple logo animation, in relation to the topic of the animation.


There’s More To iPhone was designed to be an always-on campaign, with 16 factual animations delivered to audiences in digital environments. We sought high-impact contexts in which to place the messages, but never sacrificing quality for reach. The work draws on Apple’s long history of iconic, simple campaigns and films, inspired by the instantly recognisable visual style of iPod's Silhouettes and the crafted animation of Designed By Apple - Intention. The messaging also stays true to Apple’s belief in truth and honesty. There’s just a simple fact, and compelling art and sound design to support it. The films live across Apple touchpoints, from paid advertising placements to in-store iPhone displays, on, and as part of training materials for retail staff.

Across the 16 animations consistency was achieved through a rigorous approach to typography: 1 font, 1 cut, 1 case, consistent kerning and leading, solely using black and white, each under 15 seconds. Variety came through typographical details; playing with full stops, dots on the i’s; framing and camera work including dramatic close ups contrasting with vertiginous depths of field; morphing characters turning from solid to sand; and unexpected 3D moments.

The same principles and rigour were applied to the copy, the art direction, the animation and the sound design: conciseness, precision and simplicity, while keeping the films fun to watch, surprising, all different and yet part of the whole.

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