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Toyotathon is Toyota's most well-known sales event of the year. We needed a way to spread awareness and excitement about the event into the realm of social media. While car buying is an intensely personal process, there is a definite social component to it. People love spreading the excitement about their new ride with others, especially when that excitement is returned and affirmed. We needed a way for users to bring their social media followers in on the car buying process, while also spreading the word about Toyotathon.Shareathon was a groundbreaking campaign based on a simple premise: send a tweet, get money for a new car. Have your friends retweet it, get even more money. When someone bought a new vehicle during Toyotathon, they were able to send out a pre-written tweet sharing the good news with their followers. Doing so earned them a prepaid debit card worth $500. Each time one of their followers retweeted the message, the user earned another $50. And whoever sent the retweet was entered to win a lease on a brand new Prius.To help car buyers keep track of all the friends retweeting them, we created a groundbreaking tweet visualiser. This tool let you follow the path of a tweet from its original sender, out through a web of retweets.The idea of tweets having a monetary value is groundbreaking. And, by incentivising retweets, we added a social element where one's entire network of followers became a part of the car buying process.The creation of the tweet visualiser was also an immense feat. By conceiving and executing a tool capable of mapping tweets and retweets over time, we provided Twitter users with a utility the service had been missing up to that point.Each day, up to 140 users were able to send out tweets. On average, these spots filled up in 2 hours and 36 minutes each day.All told, over 1400 users sent out tweets. In turn, these tweets were retweeted 19,330 times.Buzz surrounding the campaign was also immense, earning 31,059,293 media impressions.

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