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Tramway to Love - The BVG-Musical of Public Transport


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The aim was to get Berlin excited about public transport with a declaration of love for the city that reaches everyone.

We wanted to make the BVG a strong voice for solidarity and love in the city and strengthen the perception of the BVG as a love brand.


Berlin's public transport company has been singing its way into the hearts of Berliners for over ten years. BVG stands for music and love. And what is the most impressive expression of both?

A YouTube comment provided the answer - @bonnicastellane7287 was right: 'Now it's time for a BVG musical!' The YouTube community loved the idea. So we had no choice but to present: 'Tramway to Love - the musical of public transport'.

'Tramway to Love' is the ultimate declaration of love for Berlin - romantic, ironic and full of references to the city and its culture. Performed in one of Berlin's most famous theatres, it unites thousands of people in a shared, positive experience. The musical ensures that people really enjoy their time with BVG for a change - after all, they are being entertained for an hour.


Berlin is one of the world's most creative and diverse cities. It is a place where art and culture are loved and lived.

'Tramway to Love' celebrates this side of Berlin. The musical and the campaign are aimed at all potential BVG passengers. Our main target group is therefore the entire city of Berlin, almost 4 million inhabitants.

As expected, the press went wild when we announced 'Tramway to Love'. Or, as the Berlin press called it, 'the next level of marketing escalation'.


The BVG musical 'Tramway to Love' had its premiere at the Admiralspalast, one of Berlin's most prestigious theatres. The specially composed one-hour show was performed by musical stars from Germany and Broadway, as well as local Berlin artists: a refugee choir and a local rapper.

An online and OOH campaign promoted the musical throughout Berlin. 'Tramway to Love' premiered on 4 December 2023. The show was streamed live on YouTube. All the songs are also available on Apple Music and Spotify. The campaign for the musical ran from 07/11/2023 to 12/5/2023.


Tramway to Love' generated 606 million contacts and a media value of €16 million. The press release alone generated a huge media response and ensured that tickets for the shows sold out within 24 hours. Tickets were traded on Ebay for many times the original price. The premiere was attended by many celebrities, even the Senator of Berlin was there. At the end our audience gave a standing ovation – all for public transport.

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