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BPN ISTANBUL, Istanbul / TURKCELL / 2015

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TurkcellConnect is a mobile content platform allowing you to consume digital content even without mobile internet connectivity. The platform is triggered by proximity technology and is aimed specifically at metro travelers because mobile communication is regulated for safety reasons in Istanbul metros. The platform houses content from a variety of Turkcell’s Life Improvement Services, allowing the normally bored metro travelers to try out these diversified Turkcell content services including news, entertainment, sports, music, video and social responsibility. At the end of the ride, you are invited to register to continue using the trialed services, thus directly promoting through call-to-action.


Turkcell placed BLE beacons in metro entries on the Istanbul M2 line. Upon entry, you receive a proximity-triggered push notification inviting you to continue the internet experience with TurkcellConnect even when technically offline. The platform hosts popular news, entertainment and social responsibility content both from third party content providers and from within the wide array of Turkcell’s LifeImprovementServices. Downloading within seconds, the content accompanies you throughout your metro journey. Upon exit, a call-to-action message prompts you to continue the Turkcell LIS content experience that you just trialed by directing you to download the relevant Turkcell app. The system went live on March 20th and has not been adapted since then.


TurkcellConnect provided a service to metro travelers while creating a powerful new trial and direct media for its own services. Every day, over 71.000 users connected to life through TurkcellConnect when in offline mode. Each month, TurkcellConnect users read 2.6M+ news pieces, watched ~1.5M football goal videos, listened to 685K+ songs and watched 200 hours of entertainment videos. Each month, TurkcellConnect beacons delivered 6TB of content. Of the users who entered the communication loop, 82% successfully closed the loop. Of those who trialed Turkcell content services, 23% downloaded the relevant app to continue to consume the content.

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