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Valentina's First Women's Day

WMcCANN, Rio De Janeiro / L'OREAL / 2017

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The film shows a woman in her home. While she’s getting ready, we hear as a voiceover her ideas about beauty, self esteem, the importance of the International Women’s Day and that instead of getting flowers, women want respect. Finally, she faces the camera and says directly to us that’s she’s ready. A camera flash makes the scene white and we read the suppers, revealing she’s a transgender woman that is taking her ID new photo. It was her first official Women’s Day. The idea was to surprise everyone by questioning gender limits and give a whole new meaning to L'Oréal's own beauty codes. The film reframed the brand’s aesthectis to reconnect with the audience in the most sensitive, meaningful and respectful way: recognize beauty in all its expressions and make its slogan, “Because we are all worth it”, more relevant and powerful than ever.


By spreading the message in an original and relevant content to the audience, we decided to adopt a strategy of credibility to gain legitimacy, conquering those who already spoke online about gender equality, feminism and LGBT causes. Thus, as the video was available early in the morning to all, soon we reached the most powerful cultural influencers on Facebook. Later we got the spokespersons support on Instagram that touched the masses. Only later in the afternoon did we drive the content, yet, giving priority to those who were more sensitive to the content. It was an “all in a day” strategy.


The impact was huge: it was the most watched online film in Brazil and in 24h was seen in Asia, Europe and the Americas, with a record engagement rate. Brand perception increased 35% and L’Oréal took the campaign to the largest pride parade in the world (where thousands of new ID images were taken) and turning Valentina into its first transgender spokesperson in its history. The story is still going on: it allowed the brand to replicate it in other countries, like the USA. Valentina became “the new face” for the Latin America main Fashion Shows, starred as a cover on Elle Brazil and one year later was internationally recognized on the cover of the March issue Vogue Paris. The transgender rights discussion took the spotlight in Brazilian society, inspiring new generations to break old rules, like the student movement that forced the traditional public school Pedro II to abolish the uniform gender distinction.

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