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《X Mission:Purple》HUAWEI Mate X5


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HUAWEI Mate X5 as the flagship of HUAWEI folding series, the all-new upgrade has brought a lot of strong product strength. In its launch period, we received the brief that we need to creative a video for the first marketing period of this new product, to show its powerful features to consumers.

There is a big star resource - Nicholas Tse. How to present the product function and the star to do a perfect combination, has become a non-small challenge.

Whether as an agency or client HUAWEI, we all hope that the presentation of this product ads can make a breakthrough, which is different from the past when we did star advertisements, only show the product and the star beautifully.

We hope that through this ads can make peers and consumers have attention, in the meanwhile can make the product in the marketing cycle to achieve good sales results.


This is a combination of star resources - Nicholas Tse staged an advertising film. Actually, we prefer to call it an action micro-movie. In the action micro- movie, Tse carries a HUAWEI Mate X5 mobile phone to avoid the pursuit of the villain. Rely on HUAWEI Mate X5 mobile phone all-round product hard power, so that time and again are averted. At the time of this micro- movie shooting, the action part combined with the use of flying cat cableway camera and FPV, so that the film rhythm is compact and rich, full of feeling.


Through the creativity, production of this video ads, has received a high response in the advertising circle and consumer groups. As the film released, it topped the list of trending on Weibo with natural traffic.

Meanwhile, many advertising we-media also taken this video as an excellent case for analysis and dissemination. Praise the clever creative idea and the exquisite filmmaking.

In the past two years, HUAWEI products have continued to receive low attention from 3C consumer groups due to slow product power improvement. However, under the foil of this excellent advertising film, many missing consumers are also joined in the attention and discussion of this new products.

The first marketing period, in the whole network has obtained billions of attention, and from the product sales level, the product has been released on the hot sales phenomenon. Consumers who owned HUAWEI Mate X5 wanna show off on social media.

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