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Many Arabs believe that if a pregnant woman's cravings go unfulfilled, it will manifest as a birthmark on the newborn child. HungerStation decided to shed light on the matter by introducing "Birthmark Stories," a series of untold tales from Saudi Arabia that bring to the forefront the myth. The integrated campaign ran effectively across various channels, starting with social media that turned the forgotten topic into the latest trend, all the way to taking the stories to prints and even maternity clinics. And Hungerstation didn’t stop there, we released a special digital coupon on the app for all expectant mothers.


HungerStation, the first and leading food delivery app in Saudi Arabia, has established a strong reputation in the market. However, with the growing number of local and international competitors entering the scene, it is crucial for the company to highlight its unique advantages, such as swift deliveries, an extensive selection of restaurants, and the availability of late-night orders, to differentiate itself from the rest.

The objective of the campaign is to develop a unique approach that helps position HungerStation as the preferred food delivery app in the Kingdom while promoting its exceptional offerings.

Describe the creative idea

In the Arab world there is a rich folklore surrounding Birthmarks. We believe that unfulfilled pregnancy cravings, would leave its indelible mark on the child in the shape of the craving itself. We even have a name for it: ”Wahma”, which literally translates to craving mark.

We found this to be the perfect opportunity for HungerStation and decided to shed some light on the matter. Introducing: Birthmark Stories - a series of real-life and untold tales from Saudi Arabia that brought to the forefront the birthmarks myths, all while promoting HungerStation's key features: fast deliveries, widest variety of vendors, and late-night orders.

And to try and reduce the chances of unwanted birthmarks, a special and exclusive promo coupon was offered to mothers-to-be.

Describe the strategy

HungerStation, as the first and leading food delivery app in Saudi Arabia, has enjoyed a dominant position in the market. However, with an increasing number of local and international competitors entering the market, the company must find ways to stand out and differentiate itself from the competition.

By developing this unique approach that highlights its strengths, HungerStation can differentiate itself from the competition and position itself as the preferred food delivery app in the Kingdom.

This birthmarks folklore provided HungerStation with just the opportunity it needed to tackle its customer migration problem it had been facing due to an influx of new players.

By satisfying pregnant women’s cravings as soon as it kicked in, HungerStation was able to communicate their speed, variety of vendors and late-night deliveries to everyone. While winning back to good chunk of its customers.

Describe the execution

Starting with films from Wael, Tala and Faisal coming forward with the unique stories behind their birthmarks on social media. This was followed by a series of true birthmark stories on social, magazines and even maternity clinics. Along with some fun online quizzes where people had to guess what the mom’s cravings were. We even created special magazine executions using transparent calque papers to resemble the craving behind the birthmark.

HungerStation took a step further and also encouraged people on social to come out and share their own birthmark pictures and stories. They were all then compiled into a beautiful coffee-table book.

But we didn't stop there, to try and reduce the chances of unwanted birthmarks, HungerStation offered a special, exclusive promo coupon for expectant mothers within the HungerStation app.

List the results

The campaign instantly got a lot of traction and Birthmarks became the latest hot topic for discussion. The results were as astonishing as some of the stories behind the birthmarks:

120,000 Total New Customers

5,500 New Customers Per Day

1.3 Million Impressions

420,000 Video Views

34% Video View Rate

6,700 Engagement Rate

By leaving its mark on Saudis, Hungerstation restored its reputation as the preferred food delivery app in the Kingdom.

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