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We created the brainBAND – a wearable headband that uses mobile technology to measure the force of an impact and immediately relays this data to referees, coaches and medics on and off the pitch, via an app.

As well as measuring the g-force of an impact, the brainBAND features LED warning lights to warn team-mates – yellow, orange and red, meaning a player should be taken off immediately. All data is logged so that, over time, players have a complete picture of the forces their brain has been put under.

Developed alongside neuroscientists, engineers and international rugby star Izzy Folau, the brainBAND is a powerful new tool for shining a light on the dangers of concussion and reducing injury at every level of the game.

As a world-first technology, the brainBAND is an important contribution to Samsung’s strategy to innovate and connect people in new and exciting ways.


• Implementation

We created the brainBAND, and showcased its development via a series of online documentaries. A widespread PR campaign was undertaken in partnership with Australian rugby star Izzy Folau and other rugby players, who promoted and distributed the finished product to selected rugby teams in Sydney. Other Australian sports stars like champion surfer Sally Fitzgibbons helped promote awareness.

• Timeline

The brainBAND project began in July 2015 and was launched in March 2016. Exposure for the project continues to grow, with ongoing global media coverage.

• Placement

A series of documentary episodes featured on Samsung’s social media channels, and a widespread PR campaign, was undertaken in partnership with Australian sports stars, escalating exposure in news and social media nationally and globally.

• Scale

brainBAND captured the attention of sporting fans and news media around the world. Please see results for scale.


• Reach and Engagement

The brainBAND project gained mass attention both nationally and internationally, generating the following key results:

• PR reach of 119,387,165 people in 20 countries

• Impressions: Over 7 million

• Positive sentiment approaching 100%

• Value of coverage: Over $10 million (as of March 31)

• Combined content views 5.1 million.

• Combined online reach of videos was 9.8 million.

• Sales

The brainBAND is not yet on sale to the public.

• Achievement against business targets

Since launching brainBAND, there has been interest from sports associations and icons including Australian Rugby legend Mario Fenech, to trial the finished product and assist with continued promotion and development. More than that, the overwhelming reaction to the campaign has convinced Samsung to fast-track this technology for public launch.


Samsung set out to tackle the growing problem of concussion in contact sports as part of its mission to apply technology to human problems in revolutionary ways.

The result was brainBAND. A breakthrough technology that measures concussive forces to help make contact sports safer, both now and into the future.

Via social channels, people could observe the 8 month development of the brainBAND and be part of the discussion about the dangers of concussion.

They were even given the chance to become part of the project itself and feature as affected families and players in the created series.


• Target Audience

Because of the inherent excitement of contact sports, engaging with sports players would give us a give us a very broad reach - from professional sports people and their support staff, right through to school teams, parents, families, friends and even the most casual sports fans.

• Approach

We partnered with neuroscientists and industrial designers to create the brainBAND technology in the lab. Then we partnered with Australian sports icons to perfect the design and, importantly, legitimize and maximise discussion around what is traditionally a difficult subject in Australian contact sports.


• Situation

Samsung’s mission is to connect people in new and meaningful ways, always applying connective technology to a human purpose. As part of this ongoing commitment, Samsung set about tackling an urgent problem in Australian sport. The problem of concussion.

• Brief

To achieve mass positive exposure by applying the very latest Samsung connective technology to solving a meaningful human problem. We identified the problem of concussion, which poses an urgent but invisible danger in contact sports across Australia and around the world.

• Objectives

To build gain mass positive exposure by applying Samsung technology and expertise to solving an important real world problem.

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