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When it comes to love, distance doesn’t matter! That’s the answer we gave to McDonald’s 3 days after the launch of their video by posting a new video.

In this video, we revealed the end of McDonald’s one. We used all the images McDonald’s produced for its video and added some at then end.

In this end, we showed 2 clients who go at McDonald’s (because it is so close) BUT only to order a large coffee in order to make their road to the next BURGER KING, at 253km from where they are now.

BURGER KING® even concludes its film by thanking McDonald’s for being everywhere and reminding us how far its fans are ready to go for a WHOPPER®.


This surprising attack was a good occasion to give a direct message to McDonald’s (with limited legal impact) and remind them that no matters their communication attempts or powerful restaurant’s network in France, they can’t beat the King and the passion of its fans, capable of anything for a WHOPPER.


With only 5000€ invested:

- 10 million views on our video

- More than 300 media apparitions all over the world

- 340 shares on social networks (becoming a trending topic in France over Leo DiCaprio the day he received its oscar)

- 293 million contacts reached

- 4 million euros in earned media

- The campaign even became a MEME with dozens of hijacks from other brands and anonymous.

To complete these results, we also lead a BrandIndex survey with Yougov to measure the impact of the campaign on the brands’ popularity for a +18 years old target in France.

This survey revealed that McDonald’s video has a positive effect to McDonald’s (+4 points for them and -5 points to Burger King) before Burger King’s answer that reversed completly the trend (-14 points for McDonald’s and +12 points for Burger King).


With its McDonald’s attacked the richness of our restaurants’ network comparing to theirs. Our fast answer (3 days after their video) was about putting this revelation into perspective and push the quality of our network forward.

The reaction of our fans and internet users from all over the world went in our way: when it comes to love, distance doesn’t matter!


3 days after McDonald’s video release, we published our answer on Burger King’s Facebook, Twitter and Youtube page in order to ensure that all our fans will see it as per all internet that was waiting for our answer after McDonald’s attack.

In terms of PR, we also sent our creation to all the blogs and medias that broadcasted McDonald’s video so they can give their audiences the end of this battle... And its winner ?


In France, McDonald’s is leading the Burger’s French market from far. With more than 1300 restaurants across the country, they are almost everywhere and everyone knows it.

In the meantime, BURGER KING®, who just came back to France after 15 years of absence, only counts 45 restaurants.

However, McDonald’s seems to fear a bit its competitor’s fast development and decided to attack them on February 26th 2016 with a web video reminding how close they are to people (and how far BK could be somewhere) thanks to their huge network.

The brief was simple: answer this surprising attack from McDonald’s.

The objective too: remind them who’s the king.

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