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People not adhering to speed limits near child-dense areas such as schools and daycare centers are an increasing problem; 65% of Scandinavians drive too fast in these areas.

Based on the insight that people are programmed to react to children’s voices (it’s in our DNA), we created a voice navigation app – Slow Down GPS – where the navigation voice automatically switches to a child’s voice when driving in child-dense areas – a tool both for partly solving this problem, but also as a means for activation of contact between customer and If.

The app was communicated in broad media, digital media and through PR, with a clear call to action.


The campaign launch was carefully chosen to the time of school start after summer holidays. In the first version, locations for all schools and daycare centers in the Nordic region had been added to the app - and by inviting people to contribute with geographical data of areas where they felt a child’s voice should be activated, people had a direct impact on the development of the application.

The Slow Down GPS was released in Norway, Sweden & Finland for the public in June 2015 and was available in both App Store and Google play for free. The message about the underlying problem was clear and all units included a call to-action (download Slow Down GPS).


- The story spread to 164 countries and earned a potential reach of 87.5 million people.

– After launch Slow Down GPS became the second most downloaded navigation app in Scandinavia.

– 20.000 people got engaged and contributed during the first two weeks with local knowledge of child-dense areas.

– Brand liking: +46% over target. The goal was to generate a high brand liking among 50% of the target audience (i.e. normally achieved by well-performing campaigns for If). The outcome was that 73% reported a high brand liking as an effect of the campaign. An all time high for If.

– It’s been selected for a research program regarding traffic safety at The Swedish National Road and Transport Institute, creating possible further spread of the app and of the message.


The biggest challenge within insurance is to catch consumers while their “buying window” is open, which it is very seldom. Therefore, this entry is relevant to the category mainly for the fact that the solution is built around a tool that creates a relationship between potential consumers and If Insurance, increasing the likelihood of being chosen in a category where consumers otherwise shop only every seventh year. The Slow Down GPS made it possible for people to experience If Insurance and the company’s way of creating calm and a safe environment for people – a promotional activity rarely seen within


If Insurances target audience are mainly people between 30 and 55, with children living at home. Also, a vast majority of the target audience owns a car. The campaign was targeted towards both existing and potential clients. Although being an existing customer, you seldom have a close relationship to your insurance company (unless something has happened to you). Therefore, our solution was relevant since it creates a stronger bond between the target audience and the brand, and it was relevant to the target audience for obvious reasons – a safer environment for their kids and kids around them.


Insurance is one of the most boring things people can think of. The opportunity, however, lies within talking about something that people do find interesting and find a way to make our insurance brand become a natural hero within that context. Accordingly, we searched for something of broader concern than advertising. Something that people could identify and engage with.

An increasing problem that If Insurance wanted to find a solution to is that stressed drivers don’t adhere to speed limitations near schools and kindergartens, which consequently leads to more car accidents involving children.

The campaign had a dual objective: create a direct activation in terms of contact with If Insurance as a brand, and get people to talk about If Insurance and the problem that had been identified, i.e. drivers speeding near schools and daycare centers.

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