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DDB SPAIN, Madrid / TELEPIZZA / 2017

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#LogoChallenge was a direct action to show pizza lovers that they had not yet tasted the best pizza.

We hacked the logo of the market leader, Domino’s, and hid free Telepizzas behind it.

Users just had to visit the web app with their smartphones, scan a Domino’s logo and come along to one of our stores with their coupon to enjoy a free Telepizza.

The web app was nothing more than an ingenious use of technology as simple as visual pattern recognition technology.

#LogoChallenge was a daring and fun action to get them to try our Telepizzas straightaway.


The budget for developing the Logo Challenge web app consisted of the following items: back office, OVH server purchase and a Catchoom image recognition library license. Total cost: €22,009.03 with VAT.

The cost of the Facebook Ads was $591.


#LogoChallenge was an action that we launched for only 24 hours and in the cities where Domino’s was stronger: Bogotá, Medellín, Quito and Guayaquil.

To take part in #LogoChallenge users only had to enter a web app from their smartphone, go out looking for a Domino’s logo, scan it and redeem the coupon they received for a free Telepizza.

During that day pizza lovers were able to redeem their coupons for a free Telepizza in the 29 stores available for the action.

We launched #LogoChallenge on Telepizza Colombia and Ecuador social media and we had local influencers and a small investment in Facebook paid media formats.

#LogoChallenge was supposed to last 24 hours but in just four we ran out of the stock for the action in all the cities in the two countries.


The action was expected to last 24 hours but the promotion ran out in only four. We gave away 10,997 pizzas in total and on the two days following the action Telepizza increased its in-store sales by 135.5%, on its website by 152.5% and on the app by 22.8%.

We doubled average transactions per day from 200 to 400 visits to stores on a normal promotion day.

The web app where the action took place received 50,000 visits and 22% completed the process, reaching over 11,000 leads. This means that in four hours we multiplied by 14 and achieved 93% growth in qualified database.

60% of the people who came to the stores to redeem their coupon had never tried Telepizza before.

On social media with just $591 investment in FB paid (totally) we became Trending Topic in Colombia for one hour of the fourth it took our activation.


Telepizza, Spain’s most famous pizza chain, wanted its target in an immature market for the brand, Latin America, to try its pizzas, but with practically no budget.

It had a recognition problem in Latin America, with few restaurants and a strong competitor: Domino’s.

We ran a direct response store visit action so people would see that its pizzas were better than the leader’s by using the leader’s logo.

On a mobile web app users could scan any Domino’s logo and get a free Telepizza.

#LogoChallenge was supposed to last 24 hours but we ran out of stock within only four.


Telepizza needed a recognition boost so that people would go to its stores and try its pizzas. But how could we reach pizza lovers with virtually no budget?

If our target is the same as our main competitor’s and we had no media budget, then we only had one option:

Publicise ourselves through Domino’s.

And so we created Logo Challenge, a direct response action in which we invited pizza lovers to try free Telepizzas through Domino’s huge media plan and only using their logo.

To publicise Logo Challenge we made a minimum investment in social media (Facebook Ads), influencers and PR.


Telepizza is the most famous pizza chain in Spain with over 650 stores across the country and has been trading for some 30 years.

Its “the secret’s in the dough” claim is part of Spanish popular culture and is a real brand promise: its pizzas are the best in the country.

Following the company’s consolidated success in Spain, in recent years the chain has expanded in other countries, mainly in Latin America. The problem is that they have very few restaurants, a very strong competitor (Domino’s) and a lack of recognition due to low media investment.

This gave rise to the brief which led to Logo Challenge: to generate traffic to its stores so that people would discover that its pizzas are the best through a brand recognition action, and with practically no budget.

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