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Häagen-Dazs presents“Love Cup,” the world’s first ice cream cup sleeve printed with temperature-sensitive ink.

Not only did this Love Cup enable lovebirds to convey their most heartfelt expressions of love but provided them the most special way to celebrate.

Step 1 For every Häagen-Dazs purchase, you get a free ice cream cup sleeve on which you can write your love message.

Step 2 Place your ice cream cup in it, then allow the ice cream’s cold temperature to change the color of the sleeve and hide your message.

Step 3 As you enjoy the ice cream with your lover, the love message will slowly appear as the temperature rises.


In addition to the local Häagen-Dazs stores and Department stores’ counter, Häagen-Dazs also advertise directly at places that TA most visited, such as super markets, key account stores. And using banner to promote on the internet, also take the initiative to send out the EDM invitation to the members.


This tidy little sleeve didn’t just surprise young couples. It got everyone in Taiwan to share their most heartfelt expressions of love. All 30,000 Häagen-Dazs “Love Cups” sold out during the promotion period. Following on this success, an additional 10,000 “Love Cups” were released and sold out in one week! Simultaneously, sales increased by 170%. If you stacked up all the “Love Cups” we sold, they’d be 9.8 times taller than the Taipei 101 building! It just goes to show how the “Love Cup” took Chinese Valentine’s Day to new heights.


The work gave ice cream a new sales opportunity during summer promotions. In Taiwan, Chinese Valentine’s Day is a major summer occasion for couples to express their feelings by giving desserts to each other as a gift. However, people don’t usually consider giving ice cream as a gift. Our work utilized printing technology and tied closely with consumer behavior to create an innovating gift option for Chinese Valentine’s Day, making the occasion more heart-warming and more personal. As a result, not only we gained attention from consumers, but also raised sales as consumers now choose Häagen-Dazs ice cream as gifts.


In Taiwan, Chinese Valentine’s Day is a major summer occasion for couples to express their feelings by giving desserts to each other as a gift. On the other hand, ice cream is the most popular summer dessert, but people never consider ice cream as a gift. In order to stand out from other desserts such as chocolate, cakes, and macaroons, Häagen-Dazs took the advantage of the temperature changing character of ice cream to design a temperature-sensitive ice cream cup sleeve, which can help reveal consumers’ feelings to their significant others. The ice cream cup sleeve not only became a secret messenger between couples, but also made Häagen-Dazs ice cream the most special gift for Chinese Valentine’s Day.


Chinese Valentine’s Day is in mid-summer. Couples in Taiwan usually prepare desserts as a gift to express their love, such as chocolate, cake or macaroon. Even though it’s the summer’s most popular treat, ice cream is not something they consider. As the leading brand of ice cream in Taiwan, Häagen-Dazs wanted to change this perception.

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