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Nixon came to us to customize the software for the Mission and the Android and IOS companion app. We wanted the watch to complement the surf and snow experience in a natural way and thus had to bring the watch seamlessly into the lives of the wearers. We decided to hack into some of the most popular resources for the community - Surfline and SnoCountry - to integrate the data into the Mission. We knew that the Mission wearers were going to want maximum functionality in a minimalist design, so we created an easy to use interface with a simple companion app that brings all the data the wearer could need directly to his or her wrist.


We knew the Mission had to be a complement to the lifestyle of the wearer, not a hindrance, so we went to the information sources the surf and snow communities trust the most: Surfline and SnoCountry. We optimized the existing Surfline and Snocountry APIs for the community by retooling them to efficiently streamline the data that each individual user wants. Our biggest challenge was bringing the customized “Shred Alert” to life. We put control in the hands (and on the wrists!) of the user by allowing them to set custom alerts for peak conditions so when their favorite spot is going off they receive a notification to get out and hit it. By allowing users to control notifications of their optimal conditions in their preferred locations the API is put to work uniquely for them - enhancing their surf or snow experience. And for surfers, we designed a unique tide scrubber, allowing users to easily access tide data throughout the day with a quick swipe of the finger.


The Mission is the first smartwatch to bring wearables out of Silicon Valley and make them useful to demonstrate real smartwatch utility. As CNET aptly put it, “the Nixon Mission isn't your average smartwatch.” The first smartwatch to tap into the Surfline and SnoCountry APIs, the Mission is easily integrated into the lives of its wearers providing up to the minute data from trusted sources. Not only that, but the Mission is considered the first hardcore smartwatch. The Verge states, “This isn’t the smartwatch you wear to the boardroom or out on a date — this is the watch you put on when you’re headed to the break to get pitted or getting on a helicopter to shred some gnar. Providing durability, utility, and relevant, easy-to-access information, the Mission has been called, “easily one of the best smartwatches of the year, without doubt.” - Android Headlines.


People in the surf and snow communities don’t do anything halfway. They are work hard, play harder, and don’t have time to fiddle with complex interfaces or coddle fragile devices - especially when those devices aren’t conveying useful information. When in the surf or on the mountain any accouterments has to be highly utilitarian. We came at the Mission from the perspective of that user. What kind of information does this person need? How can they access it quickly, before the next wave or on the ski lift? Keeping these questions front of mind we identified three unique elements that the Mission could not be without: a fully integrated Surfline and snow country API, a customizable “shred alert” that notifies wearers of peak conditions, and an “at a glance” tide scrubber providing up to the minute tide conditions.


Nixon has a legacy of making badass watches for people who live as hard as they play. With wearable tech on the rise it makes sense that Nixon would delve into the smartwatch world with their own product.

The gadgetry of the typical smartwatch, however, is anathema to the Nixon wearer - too fragile, too precious, and too sensitive to the elements. How can a smartwatch be adapted to accompany a surfer paddling out on the North Shore or a snowboarder in the backcountry of British Columbia? The Nixon Mission is the answer to this query. The Mission is a surf and snow compatible smartwatch touting hardware that can handle the most severe conditions. Nixon needed to create the software to match. Nixon planned on releasing The Mission internationally and needed an aesthetic and functionality that stood up to the brand name.

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