Bus stops become bus shops

DDB BRUSSELS, Brussels / IKEA / 2018

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IKEA was very late to launch a web shop with home delivery in Belgium. So when they finally did this year, they wanted to create a lot of visibility around it, amongst others via a creative outdoor campaign. The main target was to create awareness around the web shop. The main message: you can finally shop at IKEA from literally anywhere.


Since we wanted to create awareness amongst all age and social groups, we made use of an outdoor medium that, if used in a new creative way, is sure to catch attention from everyone in the streets: bus stops. In the biggest cities of the country, we looked for the busiest bus stops: on the main square in Antwerp for example, near central train stations and on busy crossroads. Then, together with IKEA’s designers, we redecorated them.


In 5 major Belgian cities, we turned the busiest bus stops into bus shops: near train stations, on big squares etc. Locations where a lot of people passed by and we were sure to catch a lot of attention. Our bus shops were designed like real IKEA stores: they featured the exact same blue, iconic paneling and the exact same big logo. They even got their own names too. In the bus shops, the copy invited people to visit the web shop: “Even here you can now shop at IKEA. Buy your stuff online at”

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