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S,C,P,F, Barcelona / IKEA / 2014

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IKEA was present in many Spanish households with its products, and also showed up often with its commercials on TV.

But we wanted to be at home with the brand, not only with the products, and reinforce the emotional bonds with many people.

We realized that we had the opportunity to display the brand message in a singular way, in a place where any inhabitant of the “Republic” could see when arriving home: the front door.


People love the message; they display it in their own homes! IKEA gets incomes and brand impacts at the same time. Something really unique in this category.

Today, the brand’s message is present in over 200,000 homes.

Doormat is sold in 14 IKEA stores at 14,95€

At least 1 million impacts per day at homes (2,5 people -average- occupy each flat and usually there’s more than one flat on each floor).

Today IKEA is one of the most loved brands in Spain (Source: Interbrand).

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