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The smart speaker market in India is still at a nascent stage. Google realized that in order to increase adoption of its smart speakers, Google Home and Mini, an experiential demo was important.

Also, with its competitor Amazon spending huge to market Alexa, Google wanted to create an opportunity for a meaningful brand-consumer interaction, so that the category as well as the products get a place in the hearts and homes of India.

The idea was to create a memorable campaign backed with insights into local consumer behavior introducing the relevance of smart speakers in the Indian urban lifestyle.


The promoters stationed at the Donut Shop were trained extensively for 3 days. They welcomed the guests dressed in baking aprons and mitts, just like bakery attendants. The speech blurbs discreetly planted the questions in the minds of visitors as they queued up for their chance. On meeting Google Home, people either asked their own questions or took help from the prompters. Home automation capabilities of the device were demonstrated with the help of Philips Hue smart bulbs. After the demo, the visitors pressed a buzzer kept along with the device that activated a conveyer belt carrying donut boxes. The visitor would exit the zone with the donut box that carried either a donut or the Mini.

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