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Island of Peace

SODASTREAM, Ben Gurion Airport / SODASTREAM / 2016

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SodaStream created a social responsibility campaign that provided an accurate depiction of our everyday reality in our factory in Lehavim. We filmed pairs of employees who work side-by-side on the manufacturing floor every day. We share the employees' experience in an authentic and uncensored way which portrays genuine coexistence. In order to achieve credibility, we allowed our workers to express themselves freely and without reservations. We wanted to differentiate this video from testimonial videos where workers are ‘talking heads’ representing the brands’ agenda. The concept behind the movie was built around breaking the "fourth wall" between the audience and the content portrayed in the movie. We hope this campaign will continue to have a global social impact, telling a universal story relevant for everyone everywhere. We strongly believe in corporate responsibility as a key driver for positive social change, and we believe we achieved that.


For implementation we used a new approach called Alternate Channel Distribution to break the branded content threshold.

Phase 1- Placement of video content at the major internet platforms (Facebook, YouTube) to reach maximum coverage but organically in a non-branded way, without seeding and paid-posting, to raise awareness and receive maximum exposure.

Fundamental to our success was our Facebook group “Peace Intifada”, which was used as a platform to push our content out.

After millions of views and shares, on-line and off-line top tier media coverage, we implemented the second phase.

Phase 2- The film was translated into Arabic and distributed across Arab countries. We believe that the story of coexistence needed to be told cross culturally, and not only to the Western world. As we do not operate in any Arab markets, this step was not commercially driven.

Timeline – 3 months.


Tier 1 – Despite touching upon a controversial and politically charged subject, the coverage of the “Island of Peace” campaign resulted in mostly positive sentiment (63%) towards the brand and the specific issue discussed in the campaign.

Tier 2 -

• Coverage across 6 global regions

• More than 1850 hits

• Over 1790 unpaid mentions in the most respectable and popular online and offline resources such as The Huffington Post, MSN, and Yahoo using cross-communication strategy

• Facebook group “Peace Intifada” generated 20 million views globally and 30,000 shares

• Brand Equity Survey (YouTube Brand Lift Report conducted in the US):

o 56.8% lift in Ad Recall

o 14.6% lift in Purchase Intent

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