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To better understand our audience, we conducted the most in-depth customer segmentation analysis we’d ever undertaken, which revealed that in addition to younger fans, Domino’s had a rapidly growing audience: parents with growing kids and, most importantly, busy schedules.

Ethnographic studies and social listening told us these groups shared the desire for simple meal solutions that would enhance family occasions.

Strong emotions are attached to takeaway occasions – they mean more to people; being precious, social occasions in their busy lives. Domino's was unique in being not just a provider, but an active participant in these occasions.

Our key insight became clear: Domino’s needed to move away from a strategy defined by blanket delivery of products and promotions, to one that was anchored in occasions, meal solutions and services.

We built a new approach that not only changed our use of media, but acted as a catalyst for business change.


Putting the strategy into action meant a fundamental change in all aspects of the marketing mix from products to delivery services. Rather than launch a new pizza every two months, we would now focus on whole meal solutions.

New campaigns were developed around insights into how Domino’s unique combination of product, value and service could make occasions great. Examples included the Midweek Rescue, Winter Survival, Big Night In, Pizza Legends and Football Delivery Service initiatives.

We focused our media on proximity to occasions by running fewer, better campaigns and using always-on TV airtime, partnerships and sponsorships with the likes of Hollyoaks, X-Factor, The Voice and LADBible, to get closer to moments that matter.

This has also opened up new routes to engagement, such as social content, topical PR stunts and new branded events centered around football, event TV and gaming, that Domino’s was already part of, but had never celebrated.


‘Greatness’ was introduced to not only build a more meaningful brand but to fight a slow-down in business growth. The measures for success encompassed revenue and share KPIs, as well as perceptual metrics.

Simply put, since we launched Greatness, ROI has doubled. Our share price has doubled. And sales have doubled. We’re now the undisputed no. 1 pizza brand in the UK.

Since the launch of Greatness, the ongoing brand tracking study has shown that Domino’s has become the most preferred brand in the category, under-pinned by a turnaround in perceptions of value, service and quality.

Most significant have been the campaign’s effects on the business. Since its launch our media spend has generated £227m of incremental revenue, an incremental profit of £80m and an increased level of base sales for the business, setting Domino’s up for a future which is, well, greater than ever.

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