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GOOGLE, San Jose / GOOGLE / 2024

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Latinxs have a hard time navigating the dating scene. Their enemy? Language barriers. America's main language is English. And Spanish is the main language for Latinxs. Making the entire pursuit of love an uphill battle for Latinxs learning and taking a grasp of the English language.

We were tasked to promote the Google Pixel 7's Live Translate feature to the Latinx community. A feature that automatically translates voice inputs into another language.

So, we decided to uplift the Latinx community by turning the Google Pixel 7 into an impossible matchmaker. One that made it possible for individuals who don't speak the same language a chance at speaking to each other by completely breaking their language barrier.


If you're sitting across from someone and hearing them speak, but you don't speak the same language, are you really listening? When you put the Google Pixel in the middle you are. With the help of the Live Translate feature we allowed people who don't speak the same language to listen to each other, and experience an impossible date. Then, we turned this experience into a symbol to encourage Latinxs to break even more language barriers.


Google Pixel has a long term brand strategy centered around building the world's most inclusive phone. To that end, we devote significant marketing attention to different cultural markets, especially the US Latinx community. The smartphone category tends to be very feature oriented. So our strategy was to focus on features not because of their function, but because they make Pixel more inclusive by facilitating stories of real, inspirational Latinx moments. In thinking about the Latinx community in the US, we zeroed in on the language barrier as a main enemy and wanted to showcase our Live Translate feature as a way to get around it. Because the pressure to find love is extra strong in this community, we leaned into the world of dating as a stage for proving out our message


The execution began with an IRL experience. Four people who only spoke Spanish were paired up on dates with people who spoke different languages, with our Google Pixel device in between them acting as an interpreter. We selected a diverse range of languages and cultures to pair our Spanish speaking subjects with, including French, Vietnamese, Portuguese, German, Russian, Mandarian, Swedish and Italian. Each date lasted as long as the participants were able to maintain a conversation, with the feature ensuring they understood each other. We filmed the experience and used the content to create branded communication directly targeted to the Latinx community across the platforms they live on most. A longform film was shared on YouTube, with snackable content that highlighted each date shared across other channels and driving to the main hero piece.


Love In Translation effictively proved to the Latinx community that the language barrier can be broken and our device has the simplest way to do it. The result was some of the most successful content posted across Google Pixel US social channels.

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