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NED LUDD, Paris / EVIAN / 2013

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Evian is known for its campaigns starring amazing babies, that symbolise the Live young® spirit promoted by the brand.

This time around, Evian decided to express this state of mind in a new way, by completely transforming the experience of the micro blogging service Twitter.

With Melotweet by Evian, Twitter ceases to be a tool to become a toy.

Designed for iPad and Android tablets, this app transforms Twitter into a musical experience, and makes you interact in a fresh new way with your timeline, while retaining the key features of Twitter.

Tweets are represented as small "drops" falling from the top of the screen. Drag and drop some objects from the left panel onto the main scene of the app, and each time a tweet will touch one of them, you'll hear a little sound. You can compose your own musical pattern, change its speed, or pause it to read your tweets quietly.

Melotweet is promoting the Live young spirit with an innovative brand experience that allows users to understand that youth is not just a question of age, but more importantly, a state of mind : a new outlook on every thing, like that of a child, the ability to awaken our sense of wonder.

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