Cannes Lions


JWT, Dubai / NIKE / 2012






Last summer in Dubai, the Nike Store was closed for refurbishment. Therefore we had to had to keep customers engaged with the brand until the store reopened. To do so, we used the Nike Store hoarding as free media while the store was closed, turning this dead space into an exciting experience. We made the Nike Sticker Wall. We covered the entire Nike Store shop hoarding with 10,000 highly collectible stickers, each with a QR code on the back. This drove consumers to the Nike Football Middle East Facebook page for exclusive promotions and mobile content. We placed the rarest stickers at the top, then we allowed everyone to come and grab them. Every single sticker went within 24 hours and we saw a 10% increase in Facebook fans on the Nike Football Middle East page. Most importantly, there was a 41% sales uplift in Nikefootball gear when the store reopened.

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