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The Anti-Dengue Bottle

KAUSA, Asuncion / AB INBEV / 2019

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Situation: Dengue is a potentially mortal epidemic disease that threatens Paraguayan population.

Despite intense campaigns to raise awareness, people remain indifferent to small clean-up actions which prevent mosquito breeding sites.

Brief: Pilsen, Paraguay’s iconic beer with more than 100 years of history, wanted to send a message of prevention to its consumers, raising awareness to fight the dengue epidemic through its own bottles which were potential mosquito breeding sites. If we are part of the problem, we can also be part of the solution.

Objective: Generate awareness in the population about preventing dengue breeding sites and connect with our consumers with a relevant message from the bottle itself.


Pilsen turned 6 million labels from their bottles at 180 degrees, educating Paraguayans to rotate each bottle correctly to empty all the stagnant liquid and eliminate the breeding sites of millions of larvae, preventing the deadly Dengue epidemic.


Dengue’s high season is caused by the massive incubation of breeding sites in its ideal tropical temperature (40 degrees Celsius), which coincides with massive beer consumption occasions in Paraguay. Due to the lack of awareness from adult Paraguayans in the country, Pilsen intervened its bottles turning 6 million labels (the same number of inhabitants in Paraguay) to 180 degrees to educate the consumer to empty the stagnant liquid, turning the bottles correctly and directly eliminating Dengue breeding sites during its peak season.

Pilsen's main target audience are males from 24 to 35 years old.

To massify the campaign, the product, TV broadcasts, radio and outdoor ads were integrated through the symbolism of turning the situation around.


Pilsen intervened its production chain turning its labels 180 degrees, seeking to educate the consumer to eliminate mosquito breeding sites.

The product, TV, radio, outdoor ads, social media, web pages and browsers were integrated through the symbolism of turning the situation around.

This idea was executed in three stages, first the inverted labels were launched to the market causing the consumers to think that it was a factory defect, secondly releasing the campaign ads where the message was reinforced and clarified, finally calling out volunteers to take action, turning over the situation by eliminating breeding sites and cleaning up garbage accumulated in public spaces.

The gesture was soon to be replicated all over the country, gaining national repercussion and support both from the public opinion and government officials, eliminating hundreds of thousands mosquito breeding sites.


- The Government declared the campaign to be of national interest and joined the volunteer movement to eliminate mosquito breeding sites throughout the country.

- Media supported the campaign by inverting their news broadcasts 180º degrees.

- 6 Million USD in earned media.

- The first national movement to eliminate Dengue breeding sites was created.

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