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India's leading online pharmacy- Pharmeasy’s biggest challenge was always shifting medicine buying behaviour online. But that was the old normal.

In 2020, all buying behaviours started to shift online. Be it food, groceries or apparel - everyone started buying everything online. But this shift did not reflect as dramatically in the e-Pharmacy category.

Because buying medicines is complicated, stressful and definitely not fun. It is never connected to a pleasant occasion, be it for chronic or occasional consumers.

So we needed to identify a fun, exciting way to trigger this much needed behaviour change.

The objective was to create buzz around the brand, driven by the voice of the consumers, breaking the clutter of the crowded e-Pharmacy category in India.

We wanted the conversational buzz around the brand to translate from engagement to action, by bringing new users onto the platform.

Describe the creative idea

We found a platform that would enable fun conversations about medicines online. India's most exciting festival of the year - IPL (IndianPremierLeague)

The IPL is a heady mix of Cricket and entertainment, that brings out the most competitive side of players and fans alike.

So we made Pharmeasy a part of the IPL fan banter.

Introducing Cricket ka Tonic (‘A Tonic for Cricket’ in colloquial Hindi)

A unique set of GIFs & insta stickers to taunt rival fans in their team’s worst moments with the perfect medicine from Pharmeasy.

Dropped a catch? Here’s an Eye drop from Pharmeasy to help you see better.

Rivals confident about beating your team? Here’s a memory-booster to remember the last defeat.

We too fans from banter to action.

Whenever fans shared our stickers, we slid into their DMs and shared a Pharmeasy link to buy that medicine and send it across to their frenemies!

Describe the strategy

Getting new consumers to place their first order is the biggest barrier in eCommerce.And when it comes to medicines, the first order becomes an even bigger barrier.

Buying medicines is serious business, so we found a platform that would allow for a fun, quirky conversation about buying them online.

With IPL matches being played without fans, more fan banter was moving online than ever before. A huge element of fun around the IPL is supporting your city’s team and trolling fans of rival teams when they lose.

We drove behavior change through memorable trials by designing a trial generation campaign embedded in fan banter, we found a fun hook to engage consumers and give them a positive excuse to TRY the platform and place their first order too! Something previously unheard of in the e-Pharmacy category.

So the next time consumers need to buy medicines, they only think of Pharmeasy.

Describe the execution

We created a trial generation campaign disguised as Insta stickers.

Our stickers were created around medicines available on Pharmeasy, with topical messaging to maximise their sarcastic impact.

Our creative idea owned intense match moments where role of medicines could be amplified — A GIF for every troll-able moment.

We created 130+ GIFs and stickers, featuring 45+ brands so fans had the perfect message for every moment.

Introducing Cricket ka Tonic (‘A Tonic for Cricket’ in colloquial Hindi)

We seeded the idea of sharing medicines with rival team fans as a way to troll them on our social handles.

We partnered with India’s most popular meme pages, IPL fan clubs and cricket influencers, along with 25 micro influencers driving messaging at every level.

Whenever fans shared our stickers, we slid into their DMs and shared a Pharmeasy link to buy that medicine and send it across to their frenemies!

List the results

Pharmeasy ‘Cricket ka Tonic’ spiked consumer interest, engagement and action!

● Where the category receives on an average an engagement rate of 1%, Pharmeasy got 1200% engagement overall during this campaign

● PharmEasy daily orders increased by 30%

● We overshot our target engagement of 2 million by 355% with 7.1 million engagements with our campaign across platforms

● Instagram Stories reached 5 Million+ users and with 4.7Mn+ engagement

Making ‘Cricket ka Tonic’ one of the most innovative & fun trial generation campaigns in the category.

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