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LANDOR, Mumbai / LANDOR / 2016

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Nestled somewhere in the hearts and minds of consumers is our target, the golden glove. However, this isn’t a two dimensional game. It is a race, an adventure. The pursuit takes you through unknown landscapes in the world of creative champions.

Here living immortalised are the previous ‘Creative Champions’, such as The Ship from Old Spice and The Dragon from Wait. These are the milestones you must surpass in your quest for the Golden Glove, which shines like a beacon at the end of a tunnel.

Who will be the first to get there?


We wanted to create something that celebrated our creative spirit while still challenging and inspiring the viewer.

To infect the audience with a passion for craft, the poster was entirely hand made. We wove motifs from inspirational projects into the setting, where they became part of the larger narrative (much like in the real world). Each layer was hand drawn and carved from white paper. The layers were then stacked to form the complete image.

Once backlit, the construction was cast in dramatic light and shadow, adding depth and highlighting the golden glove as the shining beacon. The light brought to life the contours of the landscape and the brand motifs in it, colouring it the brand’s black and yellow.


An organization is only as good as the people working in it. The poster invoked pride while still waking the dormant competitive spirit within us all. Most importantly, it reminded employees across the globe of their passion, inspiring them to strive for great.


This competition is meant to energize employees globally. It is to make teams push creative boundaries with clients, and ensure both strategic and creative impact. How could the ‘Creative Champions’ invigorate them to take good to great? We had to tell its story visually.

We boiled down the narrative of strategic and creative impact to two motifs: head and heart. These inspire an instinctive understanding of how to make our work stunning, original, and impactful.

The elements of the landscape and design of the poster evoke an irresistible desire to embark on a creative quest, push further, and be the next ‘Creative Champion’.


Why are we here? What is our purpose? These are the questions that have been pondered over the years by existentialists and by creatives on their fifth coffee of the day.

While we sell our creative ideas to the world daily, sometimes we need a reminder internally of what drives us – pursuit of the next knockout idea.

This is what fuels the ‘Creative Champions’, an internal yearly competition where employees around the globe send in their work to compete for the coveted ‘Golden Glove’. Ideas are evaluated from two points of view: strategic brilliance and creative impact - or simply put, head and heart.

Bearing its weary creative audience in mind, the poster for entries had to have more than dates and criteria. The call to action had to be as evocative and inspiring as the submissions. And of course, had to get the competitive blood pumping.

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