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The key objective for the creative work was to make Samsung locally relevant in Italy, improving its affinity with the Italian audience by using technology to solve a big local cultural issue: high youth unemployment rate and the paradoxical abandonment of artisanal trades.

Leveraging on this cultural fuel, Samsung created a digital learning platform called Samsung Maestros Academy, which taught people how to practice crafts in the modern world.

Samsung Maestros Academy platform immediately took off to become a successful educational service, also managing to capture the mood of the nation, attracting spontaneous media and public interest.

As a result, Samsung was able to increase its brand preference and its brand consideration, ultimately making people more willing to buy a Samsung product.

Samsung, by helping the youngsters find their meaningful place in the world, managed to find a meaningful place in the hearts and minds of Italian people, becoming a supporter of local communities and cultures and ultimately a game-changer in education.

After one year of Samsung Maestros Academy, in fact, Samsung – together with the International Higher Educational Network in Design (IED) – managed to introduce a true innovation for the Italian educational system: the first official Master Degree in Innovative Craftsmanship , which gained immediate success. A one-of-a-kind educational program, able to blend together artisanal and digital-fabrication-related techniques. A new generation of craftsmen is out there, now demanding for more and more technical facilities to develop their ideas, in order to write a brand new page on “Made in Italy” contemporary history.

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