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CARAT, London / LURPAK / 2014

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By analysing structured Twitter data, we could map the preceding week’s volume and content patterns of happy or sad conversations. Our ‘mood index’ compared against the past year, letting us forecast the upcoming week’s mood, taking into account potential additional events (like The Budget or a football final) in order to make media and creative decisions.

Each Wednesday, enough data had been collated to decide whether to go live. If the data suggested the mood was low enough, we could activate relevant creative across TV, VOD, digital outdoor, tablet, print and Facebook. It was recommended that the creative agency should create a range of ads, reflecting different scenarios so messaging resonated further and could be accurate to within an hour on digital outdoor.

Our bespoke Facebook tab played back further content. We also discovered that activity only needed to run from Sunday to Thursday, the moodiest days of the week.


Sales rose 9% year over year (when only Spirit Level media was running), at the same time as delivering cost savings of 50% compared to a standard campaign planning approach.

“The Spirit Level tool perfectly met this year’s challenges for Lurpak as a business. Using mood to understand the best time to communicate to our audience breaks new media ground, creating cost savings and delivering results across the board.” Sam Dolan, Lurpak Senior Brand Manager

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